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Artcobell NXT MOV® Seating

NXT MOV redefines movement seating for education spaces. Artcobell’s primary driver was to create a chair that is comfortable, affordable and stylish. Unlike other classroom chairs, NXT MOV’s two-part shell design and patented mechanism enable more movement in many directions, while the steel frame enhances stability and durability. Classic single shell classroom chairs don’t flex in multiple directions as students move about naturally. The seat pan allows student bodies to shift, wiggle, reposition without distracting their fellow students or teachers. Unlike wiggle stools, bouncy balls and other movement seating options, NXT MOV provides the micro-movements bodies need without the drama of over-balancing and energetic motion. The patented mechanism that permits rotation and flex of the seat pan, and flex of the seat back, requires no springs that can give out or start to squeak over time. NXT MOV can be specified in one color or two-tone for design versatility. Available in 5 styles.

Why is Movement So Important For Student Success?