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# 11,289,935 B2
Luxor KwikBoost EdgePower® Battery-Powered Desktop Charging Station

The KwikBoost EdgePower® Battery-Powered Desktop Charging Station eliminates extension cords and dependence on wall outlets by putting convenient, 100% cordless power for laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and phones right where students and teachers need it; their desks and tables.

The EdgePower Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit features a patented design that easily attaches to most tables and desktops. Once connected, it offers a standard AC outlet, a USB-A charging port, and a USB-C charging port.

When loaded with an EdgePower rechargeable battery, it delivers enough power to charge a typical laptop up to two times, a standard Chromebook or tablet up to four times, and an average smartphone up to 14 times. The charging unit can also charge a laptop and two mobile devices simultaneously.

When the battery runs low, the user can easily retrieve a fresh one from the EdgePower 3-Bay or 9-Bay Battery Charger and swap it with the depleted battery for uninterrupted power.

Flex your classroom design with Screenflex!

Portable Room Dividers

This time of year is when teachers have figured out which students to separate, who needs to sit closer to the screen, who needs a more private workspace, and of course who will likely be on Santa’s naughty list! Screenflex can help with some of those things except maybe not the naughty list. Their portable room divider is a multipurpose classroom tool that teachers and schools can appreciate. Varying classroom sizes and layouts can be challenging for some instructors.  However, with a portable room divider, teachers can divide up space to allow for more private or group instruction as needed.  By unlocking a simple latch, teachers can easily unfold the freestanding divider and choose their own configuration of the product depending on their needs. >>