Flex your classroom design with Screenflex!

Flex your classroom design with Screenflex!

Portable Room Dividers

This time of year is when teachers have figured out which students to separate, who needs to sit closer to the screen, who needs a more private workspace, and of course who will likely be on Santa’s naughty list!  Screenflex can help with some of those things except maybe not the naughty list.  Their portable room divider is a multipurpose classroom tool that teachers and schools can appreciate.

Varying classroom sizes and layouts can be challenging for some instructors.  However, with a portable room divider, teachers can divide up space to allow for more private or group instruction as needed.  By unlocking a simple latch, teachers can easily unfold the freestanding divider and choose their own configuration of the product depending on their needs. 

This product also serves as a fantastic display area to post student work and announcements.  No more worrying about posters and work falling off those old cinder block walls!  Or what about the freshly painted walls that you are not allowed to staple to? Students who need that extra reminder on due dates or those who really beam when they see their work displayed can easily be seated close to the product to ensure their success.

The possibilities with this partition are endless.  I bet the students would even like to help find ways to utilize this tool in their classroom.  Who is the classroom architect that gets to design the learning space this month?  Perhaps that same student will be inventing a new learning tool for their own classroom or workspace in the future. Flex your creativity with this amazing product!

Source: https://www.screenflex.com/free-standing-wall-divider/