Design   Patent # 29/706534 (Inc)


Here's to the independent thinkers and the thoughtful ponderers. The IncuPod is a restorative place for learners within an active learning environment. Two walls are writable for independent brainstorming or partner collaboration. The IncuPod allows for the educator to still keep an eye on every learner, but it also serves as a calming space for learners who need a cave space to retreat.

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NorvaNivel designs and manufactures innovative educational furniture and learning spaces. Our company was founded on the belief that every learner deserves a learning environment that caters to his/her individual needs. Our furniture and spaces create learner-centered environments to provide opportunity for success. NorvaNivel provides state of the art renders and professional development given by former educators/administrators. NorvaNivel products are masterfully crafted in Dallas, Texas.