Design   Patent # 29/706534 (Roc)


Here’s to the rock and rollers. A seat, a desk, a multifaceted piece of art. The RockerOtt is for the learner who likes to wiggle and wobble while sitting, the learner who prefers the floor, the learner who would rather sit sideways, and every learner in-between. With the RockerOtt,there is no right or wrong. It is at an ergonomical 10-degree slant, which aids in taking the pressure off your hips, and it puts your spine in the perfect S-shape configuration. Psychologically and socially, it puts learners in the "perch" position, and this is the ideal position for engagement- leaned in. All this while strengthening your core and allowing agency for how the RockerOtt works for you. 

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NorvaNivel designs and manufactures innovative educational furniture and learning spaces. Our company was founded on the belief that every learner deserves a learning environment that caters to his/her individual needs. Our furniture and spaces create learner-centered environments to provide opportunity for success. NorvaNivel provides state of the art renders and professional development given by former educators/administrators. NorvaNivel products are masterfully crafted in Dallas, Texas.