Design   Patent # 29/712734


Here’s to the makers and creators. The builders and tinkerers. If you can dream it, you can STEAMspace it! The STEAMspace benches provide an all-in-one agile STEAM space in any environment. The entire product is acoustically carpeted to catch pieces for robotics. It’s also felt and Velcro receptive. Every piece that comes with the STEAMspace starter collection can Velcro to the benches and to the paired storage units. There are three interchangeable top options, too. These magnetize to the top of the table and to the backs of the tables when not in use. Draw, write, build, create, solve, explore, and dabble in this full STEAM ahead solution. 

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NorvaNivel designs and manufactures innovative educational furniture and learning spaces. Our company was founded on the belief that every learner deserves a learning environment that caters to his/her individual needs. Our furniture and spaces create learner-centered environments to provide opportunity for success. NorvaNivel provides state of the art renders and professional development given by former educators/administrators. NorvaNivel products are masterfully crafted in Dallas, Texas.