Design   Patent # D600948

Glide & Tilt

CertwoodUSA utilizes its patented ‘Glide & Tilt’ Tote Tray Runner system with an integrated Stopping feature and Tilting action. ‘Glide & Tilt’ is purposely designed for safety and functionality, the unique safety design prevents the Tote Tray from falling out of the cart, the tilting feature maintains full access to the contents. The Tote Trays are removable and reversible.

CertwoodUSA's humble beginnings were born out of innovation. Over 30 years ago, we used our expertise as a technical injection moulder to launch our High Quality Tote Tray Storage System 'Storsystem™' Over the next three decades, Certwood Limited has grown to become a market leader in innovation. Due to a tenacious desire to evolve, Certwood has produced a series of industry “firsts” within the StorSystem™ product line supporting its unwavering success and growth.