Utility   Patent # 29/807,164

Evoke Seating

The present invention provides a chair and, in particular, to a handle that allows the chair to be grasped with one hand and a hook that is adapted to support an article, such as a back-pack, coat, or the like. A through-opening opening in the back is configured as a hand hold to receive a user’s hand to allow the chair to be manipulated. A through-opening in the back is configured to define an upward facing accessory hook. The chair may be configured to be stackable, nestable or a task chair. A method of hanging an accessory, according to an aspect of the invention, includes providing a chair having a seat and a back and a plurality of legs that together are adapted to support said set and back. A through-opening is defined in the chair back. The through-opening defines an upward facing finger that is adapted to engage a strap. An accessory is hung from the chair back by engaging a strap of the accessory with the finger.

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