Utility   Patent # 6892784

Screenflex Portable Partitions, Inc.
Stabilized Portable Room Divider

Acoustical Portable Dividers help educators make MUCH better use of their facility's space, time, and money. *Easily create temporary or semi-permanent areas for classrooms, before/after school programs, tutoring, art shows, community events, and much more. * Tackable panels allow for the attractive display of artwork, bulletins, etc. * Self-leveling casters, full-length hinges and position controllers all help keep the divider standing straight even on uneven floors. Hence the USPTO's "Stabilized" divider designation and hard earned 4.9* Google Review rating from our customers.

Our rare 4.9* Google Rating proves that our customers believe Screenflex lives up to our mission to build useful, well-built, long-lasting dividers which help make better use of their space, time & money. Architect Paul Maas had an idea in the '80s of building a unique portable room divider. Paul, John and Rich Maas formed Screenflex which has become an internationally respected manufacturer of quality portable dividers. Several lines of dividers are built in their Chicago area headquarters.